Cyberpunk 2077 says goodbye. CD Projekt no longer has anyone working on the sci-fi RPG

In addition, CD Projekt has experienced a 6.39% drop in the stock market after the last call with shareholders

Cyberpunk 2077

We could say that Cyberpunk 2077 is a case worth studying. Its catastrophic launch has been followed by multiple updates and DLC that, together, have made many members of the community end up applauding the experience for Night City. A lot has happened since that announcement back in 2013 that presented the vicissitudes of this world of metal and neon lights, and now it can be said that there is no CD Projekt developer working on the project.

Developers assigned to each CD Projekt project February vs February April
Developers assigned to each CD Projekt project. February vs. February April

This can be seen in one of the images presented during CD Projekt’s last call with its shareholders. According to the chart, there were 17 people putting the finishing touches on Cyberpunk 2077 last February; A figure that has been reduced directly to 0 if we look at the number of developers involved in the project at the end of April. Therefore, the team has left the futuristic RPG behind to focus on the company’s upcoming projects.

CD Projekt suffers a 6% drop in the stock market

In addition to this detail about Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt’s presentation has addressed its plans regarding its next games. In this sense, the developer has set out to release adventures more frequently and is currently working on Project Polaris (the new The Witcher), Project Orion (the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077), Project Sirius (another Witcher title, in collaboration with The Molasses Flood) and Project Hadar (new IP).

However, CD Projekt has not been spared some bad news in the wake of its results. After the talk with its investors, the company has experienced a 6.39% drop in the stock market; a figure that has remained more or less constant throughout the day. Hopefully, over time, the team will bounce back by offering more details about their long-awaited games.

Source: IGN



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