Steam gives away these 3 new games for free forever and they can be claimed for an unlimited time

Create your own chocolate factory, defeat numerous waves of enemies, or go on a narrative adventure with puzzles with these 3 free Steam proposals

Steam gives away games for free forever
Steam gives away these 3 new games free forever and for an unlimited time

These days have been non-stop as far as free games for PC are concerned, since we have been able to inform in advance about what was going to be the new gift of the Epic Games Store for this week, one that finally ended up being confirmed last Thursday, May 23, and talk about several free games that we could find on Steam for a limited time, as is the case with 100% Orange Juice or Endless Legend. Now, to close the week, we have more interesting recommendations to share with you.

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In this case, we’re back with the free games that we can get forever and for an unlimited time on Steam. Therefore, if you want to fatten your library of PC video games on Valve’s platform, you now have a great opportunity to claim 3 new proposals that have recently arrived on the platform and that are quite varied and interesting.

These 3 new free games can be claimed forever and anytime on Steam

Chocolate Factory: Prologue

Build the chocolate factory of your dreams, among forests of candy canes and rolling hills of jelly beans, and craft the tastiest sweets. A delightful first-person factory automation game that incorporates a bit of exploration and combat. Candy conveyor belt paradise awaits!” is how they describe this prologue to Chocolate Factory, which will be released in June 2024 (next month, wow). Obviously, the content of this prologue is limited.

Download FREE Chocolate Factory: Prologue on Steam

Tap Wizard 2

Choose your spells, perks, and traits and then let the wizard do all the work in this unique idle RPG! Tap Wizard 2 is a fusion of the Idle, Incremental, ARPG, and Twin-Stick Shooter genres, resulting in a game like no other!”

Download FREE Tap Wizard 2 on Steam

Playing Kafka

“There are things that often fail only in themselves. Is there even a way out? Playing Kafka is a narrative adventure full of impenetrable schemes, insidious plot twists, and conversations that spiral out of control. Based on the life and work of Kafka, developed with Kafka experts.” Specifically, this game is based on three of the famous writer’s works.

Download FREE Playing Kafka on Steam



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