The first MacBook with a foldable screen would arrive in 2026 with an M5 processor and up to a 20-inch display

Apple’s first foldable device won’t be an iPhone, but a MacBook that will launch in two years

The first MacBook with a foldable screen
Apple would launch a foldable MacBook in 2026

Apple’s first foldable device won’t be an iPhone: the first foldable device Apple releases will be a MacBook with an 18.8-inch display and an M5 processor. A device that we will see in 2026, as pointed out by all the expert analysts in the field such as Ming-Chi Kuo or Ross Young.

The person in charge of sharing the latest report has been Ross Young, on his personal X account, but for his subscribers. Ross Young is a well-known display analyst, who recently said that Apple could release an iPhone 17 Plus with the smaller screen than the iPhone 15 Plus, for example.

Apple would launch its first foldable device in 2026: a MacBook with an 18.8-inch display and M5 processor

MacBook with a foldable display is expected to have an all-screen layout with a virtual keyboard, but exact details of the design have yet to be rumored. It also remains to be seen if folded, this device would work as an iPad, which is another possibility that is on the table.

On the other hand, Ming-Chi Kuo points to this device having a foldable display with hardly any creases and says that Apple could sell this device at about the same price as the Vision Pro. He also believes that this MacBook will be equipped with an M5 processor and that it will launch in 2026.

The reason why a foldable iPhone wouldn’t be released first is simple: it doesn’t meet the company’s quality standards. Apparently, and according to rumors, Apple would be trying to make the hinge as unnoticeable as possible, which is causing delays. The iPhone X didn’t have an in-display fingerprint sensor for exactly that, because it didn’t get what they wanted.

In short:

  1. Apple’s first foldable device won’t be an iPhone, but a Mac.
  2. Apple’s foldable MacBook would have an 18.8-inch display, M5 processor, and would launch in 2026.
  3. Apple wouldn’t launch a foldable iPhone first because they want the hinge to be as unnoticeable as possible and at the moment they can’t find the key.


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