The strange hole in Mars that throws science off balance. No one knows what’s inside

The strange hole on Mars makes us wonder what lies beyond

The strange hole in Mars that throws science off balance
Mars is a nearby planet, but with quite a few unknowns

Humans traveling to planets in our Solar System face a big problem: the weak atmospheres of those planets allow cosmic rays to permeate these planets, causing their structures and health to degrade at a faster rate than on our planet. In this way, there are many plans for cosmonauts to be able to live safely in these extraterrestrial regions. In fact, China plans to launch a missile against the Moon to create a cavern in which to house its stable base on the satellite. With the intention of colonizing Mars, they are looking for natural caves in which humans can stay, and now they have found a strange hole in Mars that could hold the key to these questions. However, it is a really enigmatic hole and one that makes you wonder where it will lead.

Another advantage of caves to create stable human seasons is in the temperature, since in the cavities of both the Earth and the rest of the planets the temperature does not usually vary regardless of the climate outside them. This is important when it comes to understanding how useful it would be to determine that one of these holes leads to a safe cavern for life.

A hole in the middle of nowhere

In Arsia Mons, a vast region of Mars made up of a cyclopean dormant volcano, as reported by Universe Today, a hole has been found that has made science wonder what is inside. It is speculated that there could be a larger cavern as it is a collapsed lava tube. It is located in an even larger region known as Tharsis, where the presence of dormant volcanoes is a constant. The fact that the true nature of this hole is uncertain means that there are multiple speculations as to what it might be. However, it is being carefully examined with one goal in mind: to think about a stable human colony on Mars.

This Mars hole is located in the Tharsis region
This hole is located in the Tharsis region, specifically in a gigantic dormant volcano | Image: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University

However, the chances that it could simply be a hole in the ground that led nowhere could also be a reality. On Earth there are craters of these characteristics known as pit craters and the fact that they do not lead anywhere is key, since in that sense it would not serve to create a human base. Further research is therefore needed so that human beings can secure a place to subsist before returning from Mars.

The best way to ensure the existence of caves subsequent to the holes found is to carry out a robotic mission to the region. Like the Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter, the idea is that before settling definitively in any region of the Red Planet, greater and more accessible research can be carried out than those done by the probes that orbit the planet.

The space race has been relaunched again with the emergence of fierce competition on the horizon. Thus, the United States and China are fighting for the supremacy of space, but for the moment in a very peaceful way. We can’t forget that in the 1950s the United States wanted to atomically bomb the Moon just to demonstrate unbridled power.



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