This spectacular Apple Watch Series X concept even has a camera for FaceTime

Apple Watch Series X concept even has a camera for FaceTime

This Apple Watch concept is the most futuristic and daring we’ll ever see again. On the occasion of the upcoming 10-year-old anniversary of the Apple Watch, there are many questions about what the final look of the device will look like. It could be called the Apple Watch X, although it’s not entirely confirmed. Design agency Wordsmatter took on the task, through designer Lukas Gehrer, to create a concept and mock-ups of a possible Apple Watch X based on rumors, patents, and news surrounding the launch of Apple’s smartwatch. The most curious detail is that a FaceTime camera is included.


A concept worked on for more than 3 months based on rumors, the Apple Watch X

A German look at this Apple Watch X that includes a FaceTime camera and a blood pressure sensor, the latter with a strong probability of being a reality. According to statements made to 9to5Macthe detailed concept has been made in a span of just over 3 months. This concept looks a lot like the current Apple Watch Ultra, although this one is thinner with curved edges rather than totally flat. One of the images shows what an Apple Watch made of completely dark titanium would look like. If Apple dared to build and launch such a product, there would be no doubt that it would be one of the most beautiful watches in the world. On the contrary, the FaceTime camera does not make any sense since with work and technology you make voice calls or through the Walkie-Talkie function.

An all-screen Apple Watch made of titanium

Is it worth having a camera on an Apple Watch? That space could well work to have more battery in the device and get a little closer to what the Ultra version offers. Aesthetically it is very attractive, the titanium would really give it an enhancement in the eyes of all.

What we know so far about the Apple Watch X

According to Bloomberg, through Mark Gurman, it will be one of the biggest updates to the Apple Watch, the tenth version of Apple’s smartwatch. The design was originally intended to be thinner and what would totally change would be a new magnetic strap system, which would make each and every one of the previously released straps incompatible. The launch has the risk of being delayed precisely because of the new design, so it would not be seen until 2025. If Apple doesn’t end up releasing the Apple Watch X this year, it could give us the full clue to the redesign so longed for by many users. Will it be worth the wait or buy one now? In the concept of the German agency you can see a Touch ID on the digital crown, it would not make much sense considering that the Apple Watch locks when the user takes off the watch. It would only remove the numerical code and not see much potential for use in it.

Sensor from an Apple Watch on the band
Built-in sensor on Apple Watch band

It is very curious the way in which it adapts the blood pressure sensor since it is implemented directly on the strap. Apple has the challenge of turning its straps from being simple accessories into resources to be able to carry out more and better measurements, as illustrated by Wordsmattr.

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