WhatsApp now lets you share voice statuses up to 1 minute long

Until now, the time limit was 30 seconds

WhatsApp now lets you share voice statuses up to 1 minute long
WhatsApp has doubled the time limit for its voice statuses

Today is a big day for users of WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging platform in the world. After knowing just a few hours ago that we will soon be able to change the color of the chats, which takes another step in favor of customization, now the application surprises us with another news: it will allow you to share audio statuses up to 1 minute long.

WhatsApp audio statuses will now be able to last one minute, twice as long as before

The latest idea of Meta’s platform is to improve the app’s status updates, and within that it has wanted to focus on improving the user experience when sharing voice notes. The audio status feature, which arrived on WhatsApp just over a year ago, until now allowed you to record voice notes and upload them to Statuses if they were half a minute long or less. The same time as video states, which could not exceed 30 seconds.

1 minute long audio states

Well, it seems that this time has seemed scarce to its creators, because they have decided to extend the time limit up to 1 minute in length. Although it is not a great novelty either, basically because it is not a feature that too many people use within WhatsApp Statuses, it does have some advantages for all those who use it, such as greater flexibility and time savings.

In short, users will no longer have to interrupt the recordings they share with family, friends or any contact in the address book in WhatsApp Statuses, because this tool will allow them to share audio messages twice as long. According to the WABetaInfo blog, the goal of this feature would also be for people to be able to post a single, uninterrupted voice memo, with a clearer and more coherent message.

The voice status update is currently in a state of deployment, some users already have it available and for others it will be rolled out in the coming days, as they do it in a staggered way. The latest versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android are compatible, so make sure you have the app updated if you want to receive and enjoy all the news that arrives.



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