Will the iPhone be renamed? One of the creators of the “i” prefix suggests that it should

The creator of the “i” prefix for Apple products suggests that the iPhone should be called “Apple Phone”

Will the iPhone be renamed
Should the iPhone be called something else?

Don’t panic, the iPhone won’t change its name. At least for the time being. But recently all the alarm bells have gone off because the person behind the “i” in Apple products has suggested that the iPhone should be renamed. That it’s time to do it. But not just the iPhone, but the iPad and iMac should also be renamed.

In case you don’t know, Ken Segall was one of those responsible for some Apple products having the “i” in front of them, and it was a total accident. But Segall was also one of the creators of Apple’s legendary “Think Different” ad“Only those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who change it.”

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Should iPhone stop being called that?

Although the iPhone was not the first device with the “i” in front, as it was the iMac, the truth is that it is the device that has given the most weight to that prefix. However, Apple began a small transition to a new way of naming its products, such as the Apple TV, Apple Music, AirPods, or Apple Watch.

“The ‘i’ has to go.” “Now it doesn’t make sense. Sure, [Jobs] built [Apple] around it, but remember, the ‘i’ has always been a sub-brand. There may be marketing experts who say Apple would be crazy to drop the prefix, it’s still facing some of the best brands ever, but it can’t be protected, and for too long there have been companies with ‘i’ things connected to the internet, and that’s a problem for Apple, known for innovation.”

Although he doesn’t say it explicitly, he has suggested that the iPhone should become the Apple Phone. As bad as it sounds. In this way, it would follow products such as the Apple Watch, Apple TV or Apple Music. But, to be honest, iPhone is so mythical that it can no longer be changed because it has been too internalized, both by users and non-users.

iPhone is part of the success of Apple’s smartphone. It was launched in 2007 and is already part of the product. Many people refer to the iPhone as iPhone rather than mobile or smartphone. It still is, but the truth is that iPhone is such a deep-rooted name that changing it could be a mistake. Other products have said goodbye to the prefix, but they have always been new products.



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