The Strange Mystery Behind the Design of Public Toilet Doors Finally Revealed

In almost all public buildings, you may notice that the toilets never go all the way down. Arousing the curiosity of many people, if the doors of these toilets are not full, there are many reasons. And if you want to find out, just read this article till the end.


Strange Mystery Behind the Design of Public Toilet Doors Finally Unveiled

Why don’t all the doors of public toilets go all the way down?

If the door of a public toilet is shorter, it is primarily for economic reasons. At first glance, this might seem insignificant, but if you do the math, you can clearly notice the difference. In fact, by shortening the doors, it is quite possible to save 10 to 20% on materials.

In addition to economic reasons, this method is also used for security reasons. In the event that the person using the toilet becomes unwell, for example, it would be easier to rescue them in time. Also, it’s important to note that if you can see the inside of the toilet partially, it’s easier to prevent vandalism and theft.

Other reasons for this practice

In addition to preserving the integrity of public restrooms and saving some money, this practice is also applied for many other reasons. Among them, we can first mention practicality. Since the door is not full, if a person runs out of toilet paper, then it would be easier for the neighbor or caretaker to help them out. Also in the same context, with a shorter door, it becomes much more convenient to clean the toilet.

In addition to this, this method of making toilet doors also greatly helps to make ventilation easier and better prevent bad odors. Finally, it is also a technique that encourages users not to stay there for too long.



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