There are 20 PIN codes that everyone uses. If yours is one of them, your phone is in danger

Check if your PIN code is among the most used and, if so, change it as soon as possible

There are 20 PIN codes that everyone uses. If yours is one of them, your phone is in danger
Locking your phone with a PIN code is one of the basic security measures to prevent someone from accessing the information inside you

Nowadays, we have spent our entire lives on our smartphones, as we use them to manage personal and work emails, to carry out transactions with banks and to make all kinds of online purchases. For that reason, it is very important that we protect our mobile with all the security measures that are within our reach and one of the most outstanding is the PIN code, a four-digit key that allows us to block both the SIM card and the terminal itself.

But the problem is that most of us don’t usually stop to create a secure PIN and choose combinations that are easy to remember and are therefore simple for lovers of other things to figure out.

For this reason, today we are going to reveal which are the 20 most used PIN codes in the world so that you can check if yours is among them and if so, modify it as soon as possible.

These are the 20 most widely used PIN codes around the world

A study conducted by British scientist Nick Berry, who passed away at the end of 2022, compiles 3.4 million PINs obtained from leaks collected by the company Data Genetics over the last few years. This report contains the 10,000 possible combinations for a PIN number and includes a ranking of the 20 most used PIN codes in the world, which account for 26.83% of the total.

The ranking of the 20 most widely used PIN codes in the world is as follows:

  1. 1234 – 10.713%
  2. 1111 – 6.016%
  3. 0000 – 1.881%
  4. 1212 – 1,197%
  5. 7777 – 0.745%
  6. 1004 – 0.616%
  7. 2000 – 0.613%
  8. 4444 – 0.526%
  9. 2222 – 0.516%
  10. 6969 – 0.512%
  11. 9999 – 0.451%
  12. 3333 – 0.419%
  13. 5555 – 0.395%
  14. 6666 – 0.391%
  15. 1122 – 0.366%
  16. 1313 – 0.304%
  17. 8888 – 0.303%
  18. 4321 – 0.293%
  19. 2001 – 0.290%
  20. 1010 – 0.285%

As you can see in this list, the three most repeated PIN codes are, in this order, 1234 with a percentage of 10.71%, 111 with 6.01% and 0000 with 1.88% and all the PIN codes on the list repeat, at least one of their digits, so our first recommendation is that you create a PIN composed of four different numbers.

Other tips that we can give you so that you have a secure PIN is that you do not use combinations of numbers that represent a particular date such as your birth, that you bet on random number sequences, that you do not use the same PIN to lock the SIM and the smartphone, that you change them from time to time and, finally, don’t remove the PIN from the SIM card.

In the event that the PIN of your SIM card or smartphone is among the 20 present in the list above, we strongly recommend that you change it by following this complete guide that explains, step by step, how to change the SIM PIN on your Android mobile.

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