Useful Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts you should know

Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts can significantly enhance your computing experience. Here, we’ll explore a collection of useful Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts that you should know. These time-saving combinations can help streamline tasks, increase your workflow, and make you a more proficient user of the operating system. Let’s dive into the world of keyboard shortcuts and uncover the many ways they can simplify your computing life.

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Key combinationAction
Windows key  + A Launch Notification Center
Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch task manager
Windows key  + W to access the widgets panel.
Windows key + N Opens the Notification Center flyout. 
Windows key  + Z To launch the Snap layouts menu. 
Windows Key   + Left arrow key or right arrow keyTo snap the windows either to the left or right
CTRL + Windows key  + Arrow Keysto easily navigate within desktops
F2To rename a folder
Windows Key  + Ctrl + DTo open a new virtual desktop
Windows Key  + Ctrl + + Left arrow key or right arrow keySwitch between virtual desktop
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste without formatting
Windows Key  + GOpen game bar
Windows Key  + LLock screen
Windows Key  + DMinimize all Windows
Ctrl + Minus SignZoom out
Ctrl + Plus SignZoom in
Windows key  + trigger the voice typing feature
 Windows key + SHIFT + S To trigger the snipping tool.
Ctrl + 0Normal resolution
Ctrl + ZUndo your last action
Ctrl + CCopy content/files
Ctrl + XCut content/files
Ctrl + VPaste content/ files
Ctrl + ASelect all text in document/files in a folder
Alt + TabSwitch between multiples programs
Alt + EscSwitch between programs in the same they were opened
Ctrl + Shift + EscShow all programs and background processes running on your computer
Windows Key  Start menu
Windows Key   + UP arrowMaximize the current Window on the screen
Windows Key   + MMinimized all windows
Shift + windows Key   + MRestore all minimized windows
Windows Key   + TabTo pop up the task view
Windows Key   + EOpen File Explorer window
Windows Key   + STo search with Cortana
Windows Key   + ROpen Run dialogue box
Windows Key   + IOpen Settings window
Windows Key   + XOpen quick access menu
Alt + F4Close apps
Ctrl + NOpen new apps window
Ctrl + Shift + NCreate new folder
Windows Key   + Shift + SClip Screen
Ctrl + WClose file shortcut
Ctrl + F6Cycle App windows
Windows Key   + UOpen utility Manager
Windows Key   + QOpen the Search bar
Windows Key   + TSwitch focus to Taskbar
Windows Key   + Print screenTake Screenshots
Windows Key   + CommaTake a peep at the Desktop
Ctrl + Shift + EscOpen Task Manager
Windows Key   + Alt + RStop/Start Recording in the Game bar
Windows Key   + Alt + BStart Streaming recorded scene in the Game bar
Windows Key   + PSwitch operating mode for external display
Windows Key   + WOpen windows Ink workspace
Ctrl + Left/Right arrowNavigate within File Explorer
Windows Key   + Any of the key 1 -9Open an App from the Taskbar
Alt + PPreview file in File Explorer

By incorporating these Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts into your daily computer routine, you’ll definitely see an increase in your efficiency and a reduction in the time it takes to accomplish your tasks. Whether you’re navigating your way around the operating system, managing files, or boosting your productivity, these shortcuts are valuable tools that can elevate your Windows experience. We hope this guide has been helpful in uncovering the many ways you can harness the power of your keyboard to make your computing journey smoother and more enjoyable. Happy computing with Windows 11!

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