What do the arrows that appear on the mobile WiFi mean? Be careful, it’s important information

Wi-Fi Bluetooth & Mobile Data Arrows

Despite the fact that there is nothing and no one with whom we spend more time than with our smartphone, the truth is that these devices are full of functions, tools and sections that are totally unknown to their owners, or even if they have seen them on occasion, they do not know very well what they are for.

There are aspects such as shortcuts or widgets that can make the experience of using the phone more comfortable and faster, while there are other aspects that are more informative, but that are just as useful because by understanding them we will be able to know if the conditions in which we find ourselves are optimal for different uses.

For example, if you are waiting for an important call in the morning, you know that it is necessary to have good coverage to receive it and have a clear conversation, and for this you look at the section where they indicate the coverage in the form of bars where you know that if there are no bars, you are in trouble.

But do you know what the up and down arrows that constantly appear above the WiFi, mobile data or Bluetooth icons at the top of your screen mean? If you’ve ever looked at them, or you’re looking at them right now, you’ll notice that they’re changing and sometimes they come out and sometimes they don’t.

What do the arrows next to the WiFi or mobile data icon mean?

In these cases, these two icons represent the two ways in which smartphones receive the internet connection. In case you didn’t know, the internet works by constantly sending data, and in these two cases, the up or down arrows show the path of the data.

When the arrows are up it points to the rise of the data, while to the bottom it means that this data is being downloaded. For example, when you open TikTok and start watching content, the down arrows usually appear because the video data is being downloaded, and when we write a comment on that video, the up arrows will also appear because now we are the ones who are sending information to the Internet.

What about the arrows on Bluetooth?

But of course, Bluetooth has nothing to do with connecting to the internet, and therefore doesn’t have the same meaning as in the previous examples. In this case, what these arrows represent is to show that there is a device connected to your mobile, this can be very useful to know if your headphones are still connected or not, although in terms of cybersecurity it can also alert us if someone has connected and it has not been us.




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