Best Audacity Alternative Cross-Platform Audio Recorder and Editor

Audacity (, a beloved audio editing software, has prompted privacy concerns following its acquisition by Muse Group in 2021. While Audacity remains freely available and open-source, it has now been integrated with Muse Group’s audio-sharing platform, This integration simplifies file sharing with others, but it comes with a caveat: users are required to create a free account with the service, effectively sacrificing their anonymity.

For those seeking all the familiar Audacity features while safeguarding their data from the “Muse Group family,” there is a viable alternative in the form of Tenacity ( This Audacity fork is progressed to a stable release after the beta phase. Tenacity is built upon the last version of Audacity before its acquisition by Muse Group. Remarkably similar in appearance, it offers the same array of recording, editing, and audio enhancement options, all without the privacy concerns.

Tenacity audio recorder editor

To get Tenacity, you can visit here and select one of the ‘exe’ links available under Downloads. Upon launching the program, you’ll notice it adheres to a default dark theme. However, this can be customized to your preference by accessing Preferences in the Edit menu. On the Interface tab, you can easily switch to an alternative theme.



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