Monitor Your Heart and Health Using iPhone Camera

Turn you iPhone/iPad into a heart & health monitoring biosensor without any extra hardware. It all happens using a Cardiio app that can be install in you iPhone and use phone camera to measure heart rate.

Cardiio app for touch free heart monitoring

The app is developed by team of engineers and scientists based in Harvard and MIT, lets people to use the device they already own to gain insight and take charge of their wellbeing. This app lets you monitor your heart rate and health in a touch free environment, it tracks your health just by using you device camera.

All you have to do is place you face in the app using your device’s front camera and the work is done, app scan your face and calculate heart rate to provide you an insight of you health. You can create a dashboard of fitness in daily, weekly or monthly basis to estimate the progress towards you goal.

touch free heart rate monitoring

Technology behind Cardiio is very simple, every time your heart beats, blood is pumped into your whole body including your face. A slight increase in blood volume causes more light to be absorbed and hence less light is reflected from your face. That’s all, Cardiio need to calculate your heart rate. App track these tiny changes using your iPhone’s camera pointing on your face, calculate heart rate and give you an accurate result of your health. App also provides you other health measures according to your heart rate.

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