5 Easy Ways to Achieve Longevity

If there is one thing we are sure of in this life, it is death, no one knows when or where they will die. However, and in the face of the impossibility of immortality, today’s society vehemently yearns for longevity, and limited modern science has shown that this transition to living longer is due to the elimination of 4 bad habits: smoking, alcohol abuse, abandonment of exercise and a diet lacking fruits and vegetables.

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Easy Ways To Achieve Longevity

Below is a list of 5 points that can be very useful to help you live longer.

1.- Don’t overeat

If you want to live to be 100 years old, you need to follow a few simple and disciplined recommendations. Scientists who study centenarians and their living conditions around the world have pointed out that Japan’s oldest inhabitants had a daily magic recipe for doing so. In 2008, it was found that reducing calorie intake decreases levels of the hormone T3, which slows down metabolism and slows down the aging process.

Vegetables and fruits should be eaten at least 3 times a day. This is about being lovers of healthy food full of vitamins and fiber. In addition, fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of heart attack by 76%, reduce the risk of breast cancer, and as a bonus, prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

2.- Have sexual intercourse

Having sex two or three times a week can add up to three years to life expectancy. This activity burns an impressive amount of calories, sometimes comparable to a 30-minute jog, and also lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, boosts the immune system, and protects the heart.

3.- Turn off the TV

Sitting on a couch watching TV has been considered a thankless task, it is the cause of many health problems. In 2010, a study showed that people who spend 4 hours or more watching television have almost twice the risk of death from various causes than those who watch television for less than two hours. Scientists have calculated that every extra hour in front of the TV increases the risk of death by 11% overall, and the probability of death from heart disease by 18%.

4.- Avoid the strong sun

It is known that a permanent stay in the heat of the sun can cause skin cancer. Therefore, you should take a sunbath to the right extent. Especially if the region of residence involves a long summer. In addition, a limited hobby of being in the sun reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Don’t forget about sunscreens. It is desirable to apply them not only on the face, but also on the rest of the body.

5.- Drink and smoke in moderation

It is known that alcohol abuse does not lead to anything good, however, in the potential for longevity it is important to know that in small doses, alcohol is even helpful. It is estimated that a dose of more than two drinks a day is bad for women. For men, more than three. There is evidence that drinking a glass of wine a day decreases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.

It’s never too late to quit smoking and it’s going to be great for your health at any age. According to studies, women who quit smoking before the age of 35 increase their life span by 6-8 years.



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