Top 5 Free Note-Taking Software Programs

To absolutely remember everything (if, like me, you tend to forget things!) you have to use a silly thinker and here are the top 5 free note-taking software options to help you pick the ideal one.

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Evernote – Online Solution – License: Free

  • Platform: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, web
  • Key features: Free version comes with 60MB monthly upload limit and 2 devices, powerful search and tagging system, web clipper for saving online content, collaborative editing, good for research and project management.
  • Requires a Gmail account.



OneNote – Online solution – License: Free

  • Platform: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, web
  • Key features: Rich formatting options, organization with notebooks and sections, integrates with other Microsoft Office apps, handwrite or record notes, collaboration capabilities.
  • Requires a Microsoft account.

Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep – Online Solution – License: Free

  • Platform: Web, Android, iOS
  • Key features: Simple and intuitive interface, color-coded notes, reminders, checklists, dictation, integrates with Google Calendar and other Google apps.
  • Requires a Gmail account.

Apple Note

Apple Notes

Apple Note – Online Solution – License: Free

  • Platform: macOS, iOS, iPadOS
  • Key features: Simple and clean interface, integrates with Apple ecosystem, sketch and draw notes, scan documents, create checklists and tables.
  • Requires an Apple ID.
Microsoft Sticky Notes

Microsoft Sticky Note – Windows 10 – License: Free

  • Platform: Exclusive version for Windows 10.
  • Key features: Windows’ simple, fast and efficient notes application.


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