Elon Musk announces Twitter’s final goodbye

The businessman welcomed the arrival of X.com on his social network

Elon Musk announces Twitter's final goodbye
Reuters: Gonzalo Fuentes

The $40 billion that Elon Musk invested in Twitter has not been reflected in major changes to this social network. Aside from payment models and chaos with verifications and badges, it hasn’t offered much else.

His obsession was always to cleanse Twitter of woke ideology, something thatwas done in the first few weeks, but that noise has now died down. Although Threads, Meta’s Twitter, tried to win over those disillusioned with Musk, so far, no one has overshadowed X.

What Elon Musk has now announced is that the domain X.com is working at full capacity, so it can be officially said that Twitter has definitively disappeared from our lives.

All that remains is that after 15 years users start calling Twitter X and that the social network of the little bird that revolutionized microblogging is definitively buried to make way for a new project.



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