Many users would be willing to pay more for an iPhone 17 Ultra

Survey Reveals Nearly Two-Thirds of Users Would Be Willing to Pay More for a Better iPhone

Many users would be willing to pay more for an iPhone 17 Ultra
Concept of what the iPhone 17 Ultra would look like

The possibility of seeing an iPhone Ultra has been around for a few years now. It is rumored that we could see it next year and, according to the media 9to5mac, a large portion of users would be willing to pay more for an iPhone of this type. It would be a better iPhone than the rest of the range.

It is speculated that in 2025 Apple could relive the impact of the iPhone X launch with the introduction of the iPhone 17 Ultra or Slim, a superior model to all previous ones with significant improvements and a slimmer design, similar to the new iPad Pro series.

What we’ll see on the iPhone 17 Ultra

But before we get into the details, let’s outline what we expect from the iPhone 17 Ultra. This would be a device with significant new features that would offer the user compelling reasons to buy. At the moment, rumors suggest the following developments:

  1. A new design that would make it slimmer.
  2. Aluminum chassis.
  3. 6.55-inch screen.
  4. Smaller Dynamic Island.
  5. The camera lenses would be located in the center of the top.
  6. A19 processor built in 2 nm.
  7. Better front-facing camera.
  8. The starting price would exceed that of the Pro Max model.

A good portion of users would be willing to pay more for the iPhone 17 Ultra

Apple’s 9to5mac poll asked readers if they’d be willing to pay more for an iPhone 17 Ultra. The results indicated that a good portion of them would be willing to do so.

iPhone 17 Ultra Survey Results

According to the data, nearly two-thirds of readers surveyed would be willing to pay at least $1,350 for an iPhone 17 Ultra, which is $150 more than the current starting price of $1,199 for a Pro Max model. But hey, at the moment they’re just rumors.



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