3 Series based on Video Games you should Watch

It doesn’t matter if you’re a gamer or not: you’re going to love them anyway

Series Based On Video Games

Video games have usually had a somewhat conflictive relationship with the film industry. Time and time again, year after year, more gamers masterpiece console titles were turned into movies or second-rate TV series. Disappointment were almost assured at any news of adaptation. But today things have changed. Yes, many good video game universes continue to be wasted, but worthy adaptations have also begun to appear and, in some cases, have even exceeded the quality of the video games themselves. Of all of them, these are the three that you should give a chance.

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1. The Last of Us

Are we very daring to recommend so strongly a series of which only two episodes have been released? Probably not. Because the series produced by HBO Max, and based on one of Sony’s most acclaimed video games, has all the ingredients to become your favorite series of the year. Yes, its beginnings will remind you of other titles such as The Walking Dead or Children of Man, but it has a visual, sound, interpretive and narrative bill much higher than the first and, unlike the second, which is a movie, you will be with it for several months and you will make the characters yours. From the first chapter it is clear: you will fall in love with Joel and Ellie.

2. Arcane: League of Legends

If there is a series difficult to recommend is Arcane. And for a simple reason: it is an adaptation of one of the most addictive and un-narrative video games in the world, a video game that non-gamers quickly relate to pure freakism. It’s hard to be listened to when you say it’s a series that’s worth watching. But that’s the way it is. Animation is awesome. The script is the awesome. The setting is the awesome. And you don’t need to know anything about the League of Legends video game to understand it. Nothing. It is ranked as the tenth best series in history. Did you read it right? The tenth of ALWAYS.

3. The Witcher

And finally you have The Witcher, based on several role-playing games published between 2007 and 2022. We are not going to fool you: if you are only going to see one or two of this list, stay with one of the previous two or with the previous two. Beyond personal tastes, they are better made. Especially when it comes to script quality. However, and comparing it with most video game adaptations and even with most series, it is a highly recommended entertainment. Especially if you like fantasy and medieval. Some critics liked the first season better and others liked the second season. A matter of taste.


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