This is what Disney’s princes would look like if they were real

We’ve previously shown you some articles of Disney characters with different transformations, and this time we present the work of Finnish graphic designer Jirka Väätäinen, who created a series of portraits to see what some Disney princes would look like in real life.

Table of Contents

Here are 8 flesh-and-blood portraits of Disney’s best-known princes.


1. Hercules

Hercules in real life

2. Prince Charming (Cinderella))

Prince charming "Cinderella" in real life

3. Aladdin

Aladdin in real life

4. John Smith (Pocahontas)

John Smith "Pocahontas" in real life

5. Prince Adam (Beauty and the Beast))

Prince Adam "Beauty and the Beast"

6. Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)

Prince Eric "The Little Mermaid" in real life

7. Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty)

Prince Philip, "Sleeping Beauty" of Real Life

8. Tarzan

Tarzan in real life



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