16 Children’s Photo Shoots That Didn’t Go As Expected

If there’s one thing that should never be mixed – besides milk and watermelon – it’s photo shoots and babies. By putting these two elements together, you can be sure that it will be total chaos, it doesn’t matter if your child woke up that day exceptionally good, it is almost a fact that when they sees a camera they will do everything possible to vomit that spinach porridge they had for lunch a few hours ago or, why not?, pee, drool, poop, crying, screaming, and _______ (add any other actions).

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The photographs you will see below show the expectation that the sad and naïve parents had about the photographs that would be taken of their children, and on the other side the embarrassing and funny result. Have fun for a moment:

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1. I Don’t Want to Be a Cabbage Patch

Photos of children watermelon fail

2. I Don’t Want to Have a Belly

Pregnancy photo fail

3. This Is Too Much

Photo baby candy fail

4. Do we really have to pretend to love each other?

Siblings photo goes wrong

5. Mom, this is embarrassing

Baby photo on tractor fail

6. They won’t let me sleep!

Family photo fail

7. My Parents Think I’m an Orange

Baby photo on red fail

8. Someone save me, please

Baby photo on fail mat

9. I wish with all my might that the stork would come back for me

Baby photo in fail box

10. There’s anything but joy here

Photo of little brothers goes wrong

11. I Don’t Want to Be Pumpkin Puree

Baby pumpkin fail photo

12. From now on I hate Easter

Photo baby bunny fail

13. They’re the worst parents, I hope Santa Claus forgets his gifts

Photo Baby Spheres Fail

14. Balloons scare me, didn’t you see THAT?

Fotod baby crib and balloons fail

15. This Flavor Is Electrifying

Photo babies christmas fail

16. I Love You So Much, Mommy

Photo baby and mother fail


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