Giant Mirrors Bring Sunshine to Norwegian Valley Town

Rjukan is a Norwegian town with inhabitants of 3500 situated in between two lakes surrounded by mountains living in shades between September and March each year. Residents of this town live without sun light for over five months of winter. During the winter the streetlights are always on in this town, the sun is then not be seen. To overcome this darkness Heliostats bringing sunlight to the town for the first time in the history.

Norwegian town, Rjikan's giant mirrors

Heliostats is a set of mirrors which reflects sunlight down to the centre of the Rjukan town and automatically adjust the position according to the movement of sun with respect to Earth.

The idea of giant mirrors was first instituted by the founder of the Rjukan town, San Eyde. The heliostat consist of three mirrors driven by computer to follow the movement of sun to reflect the sun light to the town in winter.

Norwegian town, Rjikan's giant mirrors 2

The giant mirrors has been placed on the 400 metres above the market square of Rjukan town at the top of the upright steep mountain to direct sunlight to town’s market square. The mirrors reflection efficiency is about 80 to 100 percent of the light projected on the mirrors.

The giant mirrors have been tested and official opening is on October 31, 2013 and will sunshine the Norwegian town, Rjukan in winter season.

Photo: Norway



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