The most Underrated Movies of last 15 years

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Most Underrated Movies

Some films go unfairly unnoticed. Or they become popular but not enough for the experience they bring. The reasons can be very different: not having behind any large production company that invests in promotion, premiering at the same time as a much more publicized film or being generally hated by expert critics. The good thing is that time, as the French philosopher Voltaire said, ends up putting everything in its place. And for these four underrated films that time has come.

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The Tree of Life, 2011

Terrence Malick is a very particular filmmaker. Very brave. Very transgressive. And that’s precisely what weighs down the popularity and love for this film: the fact that it’s not a movie like you’re used to seeing. Unlike the rest of the works you can see in a cinema, which are pure prose, The Tree of Life is pure poetry. It’s something else. It’s another experience you can’t evaluate from the usual filters. And many critics did not understand it that way: “the film borders on the ridiculous at certain moments,” one of them said.

The Kings of Summer, 2013

The audiovisual portrait of adolescence always creates a lot of interest in particularly everyone: in young people because they feel identified, in adults because they miss her and in very adults because they want to understand their children. And of the many attempts that have been made, probably The Kings of Summer is one of the most unconventional, poetic and miserable and underrated. Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ film about Joe, Patrick and Biaggio’s friendship remains a treasure to discover for many people.

Everybody Wants Some, 2016

The same thing happens to many excellent directors: their best works are so good that they put the rest of their filmography to the background, even when those films would be outstanding in the career of another director. This is the case of Richard Linklater. With Waking Life, the saga of Before the… and Boyhood reached such levels of genius that works like Everybody Wants Some remain semi-hidden. But it’s well worth it. During its 116 minutes of footage you will enjoy a experience a inspiring nostalgia. You’ll see.

Wind River, 2017

Dramas, comedies and dramedies. That’s all we’ve given you on this list and we want to correct it: with Wind River, directed by the always irregular Taylor Sheridan, you’ll have a good dose of charm, action and darkness. And maybe that’s why a thriller so well executed, so bitter, so passionate, hasn’t caught on with people more. The fact that critics and audiences didn’t expect so much from Sheridan after a sorry debut, Vile, and may have not liked Wind River. It’s time to rescue him from there.

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