Spotify: Tricks to Get the Most out of the Application

Spotify is one of the most powerful digital music platforms on the market, it is considered the leading company in music streaming today, there are millions of users it has and millions of downloads on mobile devices, however, the vast majority still do not know how to take all the advantages it offers.

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And it is that most users of the platform see it as a way to access music and its artists, but Spotify could even be considered as a social network because, you can connect with friends and meet new people, not to mention the large number of advantages it offers you and that we do not enjoy due to ignorance, from karaoke to the car interface.


Here are some tricks so you can exploit this music streaming platform a little more.

Trick 1. Spotify karaoke

Very few know this advantage of the music streaming platform, but if you are a karaoke lover you can enjoy this function on Spotify, you just have to locate yourself in Lyrics, in the lower right corner of the application when you are playing a song, you click and immediately the lyrics of the song appear, that’s how simple it is.

Trick 2. Listen to Non-Spotify music on Spotify

Did you know that you can listen to music that is not on the streaming platform? That’s right, you can add all the music you want to listen to from an external source to Spotify, just head to settings, find the local files option and then click on add non-platform music and you’re done.

Trick 3. Spotify as an alarm clock

How nice it is to wake up with the sound of your favorite Spotify song in the morning and the streaming platform allows you so. You can do it from your Smartphone and with the Google Clock App, this way when you create an alarm you can synchronize it with your favorite songs saved on Spotify. You just have to go to Google Clock, select Alarm, set it and when you get to sounds you will see the Spotify option, click there and locate your favorite song.

Trick 4. You can listen to Spotify in the car by activating the interface

Being able to drive totally concentrated on the road can mean the difference between life and death literally, and Spotify offers you the opportunity to listen to your favorite music while driving without having to stop to touch anything, because it allows you to activate a car view with which you can make an interface, for this you just have to go to the settings of the App and select Car and activate the Car View, you activate the Bluetooth of the car and automatically Spotify will become visible, connect and go.

Trick 5. Listen to music privately

If you are one of those who enjoy taking care of your privacy, this option is for you, regardless of the reasons why you do not want to share what you hear on the streaming platform, to activate the privacy option you just have to enter the App menu by pressing the three dots, you go to options and choose file, Once inside go to private session and ready, with these simple steps your sessions will be super private and nobody will be able to find out what you hear.

Trick 6. You can also use Spotify to find the nearest concerts

Find Nearest Concerts Inside Spotify

That’s right, if you are really a music lover you will like concerts, because Spotify thinks about everything and now allows you to discover what are the next concerts that will be held near your locality. When you enter the profile of any of your favorite artists you can find out the dates and locations of their next concerts and if you have the App installed on your mobile, the Search option will appear and there is a section only for concerts.

Trick 7. The keyboard shortcuts to control Spotify

The importance of knowing these shortcuts offered by the keyboard can mean valuable time for a busy person a like, we mention some of the most used;

  • Ctrl + N: With this shortcut you can create a new playlist
  • Ctrl + Shift + Down: You can turn down the volume
  • Ctrl + Shift + Up: You can turn up the volume
  • Ctrl + Shift + Left: You can skip to the previous song
  • Ctrl + Shift + Right: You can skip to the next song
  • Space Bar: With this shortcut you can play or pause a song

Trick 8. How to follow a friend on Spotify

We have already mentioned that Spotify in addition to being a music streaming platform can also work as a social network, in which you can connect with friends and even meet new people.

To follow a friend on Spotify you must search for it through the text box by selecting the Profiles tab and click on the follow option and ready, the problem of finding friends on this platform so far is ignorance, many have not come to customize their user and finding them can become really difficult sometimes.

Trick 9. Filter an artist’s songs by year

It seems a simple task but few know how to develop it, you can filter the songs of your favorite artist by specific periods of years using the App, you just have to go to the search box and write the name of your artist and then place the year or years you want to find, that simple.

Spotify is a powerful music streaming platform that offers multiple advantages, in addition to music, it is a matter of spending some time discovering them.




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