Twitch will allow you to use music with rights in streams: Twitch DJ is born

Twitch has reached an agreement with major music distribution companies to allow the use of copyrighted songs in streams

Twitch will allow you to use music with rights in streams: Twitch DJ is born
The “setup” of a Twitch content creator

The ban on using copyrighted music during live streams has been one of the biggest headaches for content creators on Twitch for years. The company is aware of this, and that’s why it’s spent the last few years collaborating with some of the major companies that own the rights to the songs. Now, Twitch has announced the Twitch DJ program.

Thanks to this program, creators will have the ability to stream copyrighted music in streams, without fear that the content could be removed from the Amazon-owned platform. As the company itself has confirmed, the agreement includes music from industry giants such as Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, as well as hundreds of independents through Merlin.

Music content creators will be the big beneficiaries

As the company itself has explained in a press release, there are tens of thousands of music content creators on Twitch who already have communities and monetize their work. Many of them, however, asked to be able to use music from other artists during their live shows, something that, until now, was not possible without running the risk of receiving complaints related to copyright.

The Twitch DJ program is here to help cover copyright costs. In this way, a percentage of the profits generated by the live broadcasts of the JDs will be paid directly to the artists and record labels that own the music broadcasted.

For most DJs, the cost will be split 50/50. However, DJs who are already on Twitch will be offered a one-year grant to help them cover the difference.

Likewise, those who choose to participate in the program will have access to different benefits, including DJ status on Twitch, a catalog made up of millions of songs from artists around the world and promotional opportunities, both on and off Twitch.

It should be noted, however, that this program is only applicable to those who broadcast live as a DJ and does not apply to other uses of music within the platform. Other types of content, such as video-on-demand, Clips, or Highlights, are not included in this program, as the use of music in them involves different rights than live streams.



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