16 Coincidences That Could Only Happen ONE in A MILLION

Do you believe in coincidences? They say that there is a one in millions chance of a miracle happening, but although there are few who believe in the heart and justify unusual events as simple coincidences, there are plenty of photographs on the net that seem to prove otherwise, like the ones you will see in the following gallery.

Table of Contents

Judge with your own eyes!


1. Did you know that rainbows are round?

Circular Rainbows

2. When you study biology in the forest

Monarch butterfly

3. The Dragon’s Kiss

Dragon's Kiss

4. He identified with the tattoo

dragonfly tattoo

5. The Monster Eats Cookies

Cookie Monster

6. When everything is coordinated

T-shirt with number

7. The Right Moment a Balloon Bursts

Burst Balloon

8. The Gathering of the Flamingos

Flamingos training

9. Lots of chicks in one breakfast

Eggs Various yolks

10. It’s hard to be human and Ken at the same time

Ken in Hawaiian Suit

11. He Flew the Same Helicopter 20 Years Later

Helicopter Soldier

12. Will you be reading your own story?

Bird Reading

13. The Half-Sunset

Sunset Halo of Light

14. One, Two, Three

Puppies Spots

15. The Advertising Mountains

Landscape Mountains Truck

16. That’s How Wonderful Luck Is

Auto with Branches


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