5 Helpful Tips to Eliminate Negative Energy from Your Life

Negative energy, although it is something intangible and cannot be proven as such, the vast majority of people have felt its nefarious influence without knowing exactly where it comes from and what can be noticed is how bad times it makes you go through and that discomfort of carrying a great burden on your back. But all is not lost, although many times it does not depend on you that cosmic fluctuation, you can keep it at bay.

But how can we channel that negativity into a more positive environment? You should try these 36 questions that could fall anyone In Love, Try It Out!


#1 Surround yourself with love

Driving Away Negativity

They say that love is the energy that repels everything negative and it is proven that if you think positively everything will go better, that is the magic of love. But the first place to look for it is within yourself, hence everything you radiate will be congruent, remember that changes go from the inside out, never the other way around.

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      #2 Check Your Breathing

      Negative Energy Out

      Seek to concentrate your breath on exhaling negativity and inhaling calm to modify the harmful that was absorbed within you, you will see how pleasant it is to know that you are an agent of change.

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          #3 Protect Yourself

          Negative Energy Out Protects

          A good exercise to generate an energy field that does not let negativity in, but positive energy does, is to imagine that a white light surrounds you that settles on your head. How simple, don't you think?

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              #4 May life always be close to you

              Negative Energy Out To Be Happy

              May your space, your little world be surrounded by windows through which the sun, air and life enter, plants that absorb negative energy and give you clean and fresh air, your favorite music, your favorite colors that what makes you happy will always be with you.

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                  #5 Identify Emotions

                  Driving Away Negativity 2

                  Just as we told you that change comes from the inside out, the emotions you are going through will emanate in positive or negative energy. Now, there are people who emanate that energy, which does not imply that you should move away from them, but on the contrary, help them but not carrying emotions or problems that do not correspond to you.

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