In this surreal market, the train passes between the stalls every day

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Thailand is a country full of customs and traditions, and among them is one of the most surreal places in the world: the Mae Klong Train Market, an hour away from Bangkok.


They got there first

Market with train

Tradition has it that in 1905, when the railways were built, the old village market was not taken into account, so they crossed it halfway through. The tenants refused to change where they had been selling their products for years, so they simply adapted to their new circumstances.

They pick up their products as the train passes by

Market with train

The vendors set up their stalls on the sides of the tracks, and each time the train passes they have to remove the awnings for about five minutes; Then they put everything back together.

Everything is very tidy

Market with train

The train crosses the market eight times a day, and throughout its history there has never been a single accident. Every time they hear the sound of the machine, they alert tourists to get off the tracks.

A place not to be missed

Market with train

Today it is one of the most famous places in Thailand, and thousands of people visit it daily waiting to see the passenger train pass by. Would you like to meet him?

Here’s the stunning video

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