30 Creative Sink Designs That Will Leave You Wanting One At Home

Interior designers are increasingly striving to offer a wide variety of options for decorating your home. And this time we made a selection with the best designs for sinks that you will undoubtedly want to have at home.

Table of Contents

From wooden washbasins with a minimalist finish to a glass aquarium. You’ll love these amazing designs!


1. Thawing

Glass washbasin in the form of a thaw

2. Mug

Coffee cup-shaped washbasin

3. Washbasin with cutting board included

2-in-1 sink with cutting board included

4. Slide-shaped

White bathroom sink in the shape of a slide

5. Glass Cube

Bathroom sink in the shape of a glass cube

6. Bird’s Wing

Elegant bathroom sink in the shape of a bird wing

7. 2-in-1: Table & Sink

2-in-1 table with integrated kitchen washbasin

8. With a transparent background

Bathroom sink made of wood with transparent glass bottom

9. Oriental Design

Blue washbasin with an oriental design

10. Illuminated washbasin

Sleek modern washbasin with blue lighting

11. Stone

Bathroom washbasin in white marble stone

12. Floral Design

Modern glass bathroom washbasin with a floral design

13. Drop-shaped

White bathroom sink in the shape of a drop

14. Faucet and sink made with Zen stones

Zen Stone Shaped Bathroom Faucet and Sink

15. Aquarius

Bathroom sink that is also an aquarium

16. Wooden

Bathroom washbasin with round wooden base with flower designs

17. … with minimalist designs

Modern bathroom washbasin with wooden base with minimalist designs

18. Concrete with an erosion design

Modern Concrete Bathroom Sink with an Erosion Design

19. Cascade

Modern bathroom sink with waterfall design

20. Glass Waterfall

Bathroom sink made of waterfall-shaped glass

21. Waves

Wave-shaped bathroom washbasin in white color

22. Petrified Wood

Bathroom sink with a wooden base

23. Crystal

Bathroom washbasin with glass base

24. Perforated Design

Bathroom washbasin with perforated design base

25. Color Spot

Bathroom sink at its base an orange stain

26. Marble Base

Modern bathroom washbasins with grey marble base

27. In the Shape of a River

Marble bathroom sink with small stones in blue color

28. Rustic

Rustic bathroom sink made of wood and stone

29. Conch

Grey bathroom washbasin with spiral or spiral style

30. Swivel Sink with Strainer and Cutting Board

Swivel kitchen sink including colander and chopping board


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