This Tiny Lens Turn Your Smartphone into a Microscope

iMicro Q3 microsope lens

The iMicro Q3 is a remarkably compact add-on microscope accessory designed for smartphones. It effortlessly enhances your device’s capabilities in a straightforward manner. This microscope stands out due to its incredibly compact design, allowing it to attach to your smartphone’s lens and provide a remarkable 1,200-times magnification. With superb 700nm resolution, it caters to a wide range of user requirements.

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Microsopic photos taken with smartphone camera

What sets the iMicro Q3 apart is its affordability, costing just about 1% of a traditional desktop microscope. This microscope conveniently fits inside a carrying case until needed and can be effortlessly attached to your smartphone‘s rear camera lens in a matter of seconds.

Here are some key highlights of the iMicro Q3:

  • Very high-resolution power: below a single micron.
  • Very high magnification power: up to 1200x.
  • Stable focus control with the focusing stand.
  • Very low distortion: Comparable to a desktop microscope.
  • Extremely low profile and weight: ½ inch and ~1/60 oz.
  • Extremely low cost: ~1% of the price of a desktop microscope.
  • Easy use on any camera phone.
iMicro Q3 lens on smartphone

The iMicro Q3 is a testament to innovation, bringing submicron resolution and exceptionally high magnification to the palm of your hand. It’s a powerful tool for students, professionals, and anyone passionate about microscopy.

Sourec: Kickstarter

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