17 Unique Engagement Rings That Anyone Would Say Yes To

Every girl has dreamed of the moment when her boyfriend gets down on one knee and proposes to share the rest of their lives together… But of course, this movie gesture would not be the same without the significant jewel that decorates the big moment: a beautiful engagement ring.

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If you want to throw hints at your girl or are even thinking of taking the big step, but you don’t know which model she might like, we make it easier for you by showing you these original ideas that no one would resist. With these beautiful rings it’s impossible for me to say no to you! Cheer up!


1. With floral details to make her feel like a princess

Unique Floral Engagement Rings Idea

2. An original duo

Duo Engagement Rings

3. For the Most Mysterious Girls

Unique Diamond Engagement Ring

4. With imperial décor

Imperial design Engagement Rings

5. Like a raindrop

Vintage Unique Engagement Rings

6. It looks like a planet

Simple unique Engagement Rings

7. Does your girl like sapphires?

Sapphires Engagement Rings

8. Minimalist yet elegant

Minimalist Unique Engagement Rings

9. Don’t Forget About Romantic Figures

Romantic Original Engagement Ring

10. They come in the cutest forms!

Cute Engagement Rings

11. Maybe Green Is Your Favorite Color

Simple Unique Engagement Rings

12. You might be looking for something more conventional

Conventional Engagement Rings

13. Classic never goes out of style

Classic Engagement Rings design

14. But don’t be afraid to take risks

Original Engagement Rings

15. Try original designs!

Original Engagement Rings design

16. You’re sure to love this one

Engagement Rings Design

17. Who would say no to this beautiful piece!

Beautiful and Unique Engagement Rings

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