Sell Your Ebooks Online with Zero Fees at Booktango

If you are a writer and want to make some money with your writing skills then there are lots of websites to sell ebooks online. And, most of them take commission on every ebook you sell with them but there is no cut off commission on selling ebooks on Booktango and you will get 100% royalties on every sale you make on Booktango online retail partners.

If you want to just get start off, then Booktango is the best choice for you. This site provides the service free of cost without cut off selling commission. You don’t have to pay even a dime to signup or register at Booktango. They also provides the free tool to design covers for ebooks and helps you publish and market them.

Booktango offers a great list of services to their authors from free ISBN Assignment to online ebook editor and free ebook cover designer. You can also get more of their services with paid plans but if you just start off then FREETANGO is a good option with 100% royalties.

Despite publishing and selling your ebooks, Booktango also gives general knowledge on writing and publishing ebooks in the help section of the website where you can browse in multiple categories and topics to get everything you need to know about publishing. You can also download their Best Practice guide to make your book the best ebook it can be.


Publishing and selling ebooks on Booktango is very easy and user friendly.


You can signup with your email id and then you will be redirected to Dashboard right after you signup where you can start off uploading your writings, editing text online, add media to your ebook.

Sell your ebooks online at Booktango without spending money

After you have uploaded and edited your ebook now you can make cover for your ebook with free cover designer or choose custom premium designs.

Sell your ebooks online at Booktango without spending money 1

And, the last but not least, add your ebook information (title, author, price, keywords, acknowledgements, etc.) and publish it, and rest is Booktango which helps you market your ebook on their retail partners and let you sell your ebooks with ease without spending any money or cut off commission.

Sell your ebooks online at Booktango without spending money 2


There’re very less websites giving 100% royalties and free ebook selling. Share your great experiences in starting selling ebooks online and let us know your favourite website for selling ebooks by leaving comment below.



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